Race Suspension Kit for Tesla Model Y – As used on “The World’s Fastest SUV”

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Currently sold out!  Order now to reserve your set. Break lap records without breaking the bank with Unplugged Performance Race Coilover Suspension for Tesla Model Y and Model Y Performance.  Looking for comfort instead? You will love our still track-capable Tesla Model Y Luxury Coilovers

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We used the Race Suspension to brake the record for the world’s fastest SUV lap of Laguna Seca ever. In fact, an amateur driver managed a 1:39.1, in traffic! We are talking supercar lap times in an SUV that can be daily driven.  We even camped in the car at the track overnight!

It is well known that Unplugged Performance Coilovers are the best money can buy for street comfort. A result that has made them almost perpetually sold out due to overwhelming demand. Last year we debuted our affordable Race Coilover variation made for hardcore track drivers and our Model 3 Race Coilovers are undefeated with a perfect win record in Japan’s electric EV  racing series (JEVRA) as well as setting Model 3 lap records at famous race tracks around the world.
With a little more time and with (hopefully) upcoming Tesla track mode the Model Y will get faster still.  Without any further improvements, we believe our Model Y is capable of dipping below 1:37 with these coilovers, which is just crazy for a daily-driven SUV!  Further performance and aerodynamic upgrades in our product pipeline, will open up the opportunity to go even faster.

As with all Unplugged Performance Coilovers, there is a wide spectrum of adjustment for both height and damping is engineered to satisfy street and track uses. A quick setting adjustment truly changes the nature of how the car drives in a way that is immediately felt.  When the Coilovers are set to soft, the ride is comfortable enough for sports car enthusiasts to daily drive, and turning it up provides the nimbleness you need to break records at your local track without breaking the bank. These pair perfectly with Unplugged Sway Bars, Ultimate Billet Adjustable Front Camber Arms, and Billet Adjustable Rear Camber Arms and Toe Arms to put your car into record-breaking spec.

This and all Unplugged Performance suspension are created by a dream-team of top motorsports suspension engineers to Unplugged Performance specs. Unplugged Performance has a history of being the pioneer of suspension tuning for Tesla and our suspension upgrades are used on multiple world record holding race builds as well as on thousands of daily driven Teslas.

We offer a 30-day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on all of our suspension products.  Driving is believing.