Billet Height-Adjustable Rear Spring Arms – Ultimate Edition for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y

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No expense spared for the best parts money can buy. Unplugged Performance Billet Height Adjustable Rear Spring Arms – Ultimate Edition: Precision engineered out of lightweight 6061-T6 billet aluminum, these arms allow for rapid rear height adjustments at the racetrack or the alignment shop for corner balancing. Extensive height adjustment range enables lower heights with more spring travel as well as the ability to raise the car above factory heights.

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No Expense Spared Engineering. Creating and Solving The Ultimate Wish List.

When developing these rear spring arms we created a wish-list born out of our racing experience setting lap records at the track as well our experience working on 1000s of customer cars.

Our wish list looked something like this:

– At the race track, rapid ability to increase/decrease ride height with just a jack and a socket wrench

– During corner balancing enabling the ability to perform rapid height adjustments on the spot

– Specific for the Tesla Model Y: Enabling the rear suspension heights to go lower without requiring an immensely short spring with extreme spring rates and reduced spring travel

– Ability to exceed lowest height spring orientation on Model 3 and Model Y allowed with factory spring arms

– Enable rapid raising of the car for winter use or offroading (all Unplugged Performance coilovers have adjustable length shock bodies and have the capability to go higher than factory ride height)

– Reduction of additional parts and weight by eliminating rear spring perch

* Optional rear spring set: Develop a rear spring that is height adjustable without any additional hardware (no bottom perch and no spring top adaptor either)



The above wish list items were all solved over multiple design iterations and testing lasting nearly a full year. In the process, we’ve managed to retain ride quality while going lower than ever possible without compromise on the Model Y rear suspension. We’ve also managed to lift another Model Y to new heights with this same system. We’ve set racing lap records with the Model Y and Model 3 both using these parts and continue to daily drive on them. Throughout all of the testing, we’ve enjoyed newfound ease in setting rear ride height by simply turning the 32mm socket.


Selecting The Right Plan For Your Car

These will rapidly install on any Model 3 or Model Y. If you already have coilovers please verify rear spring ID size with the manufacturer if they are not made by Unplugged. These arms accept 65mm or 2.5” ID which are common spring sizes. Adaptors from 65mm to other larger sizes may be possible by 3rd party as well. A common rear spring length is frequently 7”. These spring arms are compatible with all current-generation Unplugged Performance coilovers and nothing further needs to be purchased to fit. If you do not have coilovers, you will still be able to use these however you’ll need to purchase an appropriate sized rear spring set. We’ve made a special rear spring set for this purpose and we offer it as a plug and play package.


Optional Perch-less Unplugged Performance x Hyperco Rear Coilover Spring Set

One of our wish list items was to have a fully and rapidly adjustable rear ride height without the use of any spring travel inhibiting perches or adaptors. Typically a height-adjustable purchase is required on one end of a spring meanwhile an adaptor is required on the other end of the spring to securely fit coilover springs. We’ve developed a purpose-built rear spring set in a sporty yet every day suited spring rate that requires no adaptors or additional hardware. The bottom of the spring is 65mm and the top of the spring is Tesla Model 3/Y specific shape. This allows unrestricted spring travel, unprecedented fast height adjustment, and the ability to go lower than the factory spring arm allows without the need to go with a shorter spring and less spring travel.



  • Machined 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Construction – insanely strong and beefy
  • Cerakote painted to preserve the natural beauty of the billet machined arms
  • Assembled weight: 7.8lbs per side (when combined with Coilover rear springs allows for weight reduction)
  • Optimized engineering utilizing high precision 3D scanning, CAD modeling, FEA strength analysis and multiple vehicles (3 and Y) race and street driven validation
  • Installs with factory hardware
  • Included set screws front and rear to lock bucket in place
  • Quick adjustment with standard 32mm socket – easy to adjust with hand wrench or standard driver
  • Machined up/down adjustment indicators for ease of use
  • Machined logos
  • Lifetime warranty including off-road and racing use (nontransferable)

Coming Soon

We are developing further add-on’s and optional parts. The first planned optional part is an easy attachment aero shield which can be added easily later on.