Welcome to Unplugged Performance UK



The Worlds most respected Tesla upgrades now available in the UK.

Our company ethos is simple, we only use the finest, most developed and proven upgrades for your Tesla and these products are developed, tested and refined on our own vehicles, the quality of any vehicle upgrade is based on the investment of time and testing put into it so that it represents the best possible upgrade, nothing else matters.

Our parent operation, Thorney Motorsport, has over 20 years experience in developing and upgrading road and race cars and is now the World’s largest Mclaren specialist as well as one of the UK’s most respected Vauxhall (GM) and BMW car tuning operations. The company owns two Tesla models which have been used to develop and test our huge variety of upgrades and runs as demonstrators so that owners can come and experience the tuning in practice not just on a website.

We started our Tesla operation in 2018 with a Model S and Model X and have worked with a variety of companies products to varying degrees of success but when the Model 3 arrived we increased the tempo as we considered this model 3 to be most suitable for a wider range of upgrades. We soon realised that to get the depth of knowledge for the Tesla range we needed to partner with a company that shared both our product development ethos but also had the commitment for long term development – that company is Unplugged Performance USA.

Initially we tried a variety of their upgrades for the Model 3 and Model X, we compared and contrasted these upgrades with other suppliers from Europe and the USA, this testing included road and race track work as well as CFD analysis and using some of our Formula 1 connections to cross reference data and we concluded that Unplugged Performance were the only company we wanted to partner with – Unplugged Performance UK was born.

We are located at our own, custom built facility near Silverstone race track in Northamptonshire, we have a state of the art workshop comprising 5 ramps and a dedicated wheel alignment bay with top of the range Hunter wheel alignment equipment. Our all wheel drive dyno cell is separately cooled via its own wind tunnel and our large showroom houses our development Tesla Model 3 Performance and Model X Performance as well as our Mclaren development cars – a 720s Spider, a 570s GT4-R and a 12c Spider.

Our view is that each customers car that arrives here for work is treated as if it were our own car, so we treat all cars with the same respect we treat our own and only fit upgrades which we have proven to work and of course all of work work carries an automatic 12 month warranty.

Tesla represents the exciting side to EV ownership, our role is to enhance that excitement, fine tune the cars handling and function and create an even better EV car.