Tesla Model 3 Competition Brake Pad Set

£280.00£760.00 inc. VAT

For Model 3 owners that frequent the track (like us), we released our Competition Brake Pad Set.


Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model 3 RWD, Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor, Tesla Model 3 Performance


Designed to be a “pure” racing-style solution, our Competition pads include more aggressive, high-friction compounds. As a result, we do not advise regular use on the street, as users will see accelerated rotor wear, as well as increased noise and dust. Additionally, the race-oriented compound requires heat to provide optimal results.


  • Versions available for both the factory RWD / non-Performance Dual Motor calipers, as well as the factory calipers on the Dual Motor Performance Model 3
  • Great pedal feel, incredible initial bite, improved heat-resistance, and reduced stopping distance (when at proper operating temperatures)
  • Increased noise and dust levels over standard street-oriented or dual-use brake pads
  • Easy installation with no additional modifications or upgrades necessary