S-APEX Widebody Kit 19-piece Dry Carbon Widebody Package for Tesla Model S

£29,995.00£39,995.00 inc. VAT

The ultimate in performance, a no-compromise, low drag, pre-preg dry carbon Tesla Model S widebody that allows up to 335 wide tires and pure racing without sacrificing everyday drivability.


2012-2016.5 (May) Tesla Model S w/UP Refresh Bumpers 2016.5-2019 Tesla Model S

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The S-APEX widebody is available for all Performance variant owners worldwide (P85 and above) and can be purchased for installation at authorized Unplugged Performance selected installation facilities worldwide. The widebody can be correctly fitted to pre-facelift cars, post-facelift cars, and with UP Refresh Fascia-equipped 2012-16.5 Model S.


  • Front Bumper Extensions x 2
  • Front Fenders x 2
  • Front Fender Fins x 2
  • Front Fender Fin Supports x 2
  • Side Skirts x 2
  • Rear Door Panel Extensions x 2
  • Rear Quarter Panels with Integrated Air Duct x 2
  • Rear Quarter Panel Extensions x 2
  • Rear Bumper with Under Diffuser x 1
  • Rear Under Diffuser Mid Panel x 1
  • Trunk Spoiler x 1
  • Installation hardware and adhesive

**Note: Silver S-Apex Demo Car Front Spoiler is not included and as a custom, one-off, is not available for purchase.


Consideration was made to allow two different methods of installation.

  1. For leased vehicles: The entire package has been designed to be completely removable, with zero cutting involved. All parts are installed utilizing either the factory mounting points or are attached using industrial grade adhesive supplied with the kit (which can be removed without damaging paint and traceless later).
    ** For leased vehicles we will provide free of charge a sacrificial Tesla OEM front bumper as well.
  2. For owned vehicles: The installation can be completed as above, or for those wanting maximum tire widths, the rear quarter panels can be trimmed by certified installers for additional clearance to run more aggressive wheels and tires.

Developed over the course of a full year and utilizing the highest grade of 3D scanning, CAD-engineering, and full pre-preg dry carbon production at one of the world’s foremost motorsports composites facilities, this is the ultimate expression of the Model S.

The design follows the principle of keeping drag low, providing rapid airflow evacuation management, and increasing width by 80mm (40mm per corner). Full consideration was made for ground clearance (clearance is within 20mm of the standard car) as well as to ensure that autopilot systems function nominally in harmony with the widebody.

Finish Options:
For an additional $5000, the full widebody can be supplied in cosmetic grade UV clear coat carbon fiber.

The normal delivery is in raw carbon fiber which is beautiful but does not have clear coat surface treatment as it is intended to receive body-color treatment by the installer. Included free of charge in all cases is clear-coated carbon fiber for the trunk spoiler, front fender fins, and bottom portion of the rear bumper (carbon fiber design accent areas).