High Downforce Trunk Spoiler For Tesla Model 3

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Unplugged Performance High Downforce Trunk Spoiler for Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3 (All Versions)

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With the addition of a gurney flap, the “High-Efficiency” is transformed into “High Downforce” version; a trunk spoiler optimized for racing use. The High Downforce version includes the efficiency wing and the attachable gurney flap (which can be installed at the race track and removed for the drive home as desired using VHB double sided tape). Using the latest in aero simulation and CAD technology, we engineered a spoiler that looks great, is simple to install (no drilling), doesn’t impede the rearward visibility of a driver, and most-importantly, reduces overall drag!

The gurney flap’s shape, in combination with the base spoiler’s highly-efficient shape creates a dramatic improvement in performance. After installation of the gurney, increases of 160.9% in rear downforce are seen, which represent an improvement of 464% over the OEM spoiler available on the Performance trim level. In addition to the dramatic increases in downforce, the design actually reduces Model 3’s total vehicle drag by 0.1% versus a vehicle equipped without the OEM Performance rear spoiler. Patent pending.


  • Produced from autoclaved dry carbon fiber to help keep overall weight low, while maintaining high-rigidity
  • Installation of both the rear spoiler, as well as a the gurney flap are via ultra-strong automotive-grade 3M double-sided tape for easy installation and removal, with no modification to the vehicle necessary
  • Available in either a gloss clearcoat or matte clearcoat finish [visible carbon fiber] (can be easily paint-matched to your Model 3 by your local body shop)